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Close to the meeting venue

Hotel Dei Pittori****
Corso Regina Margherita 57

Hotel Alpi Resort***
Via Bonafous 5 (Piazza Vittorio)

Residence Art and Wine via Santa Giulia
Via Santa Giulia 41

Residence Ateneo
Via Vanchiglia 42

University Residence Olimpia
Lungo Dora Siena 104 (On Campus)

These places in single, double, and triple rooms are especially meant to meet the needs of students and young researchers at early stages of their careers. They will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Rooms can be booked at the following link: .

Note that you need to register and wait for a confirmation email before you can access the online booking system. Once registered, log in an select the option “Università degli Studi di Torino accommodation”.


Sotto La Mole apartments
Via Vanchiglia 12; Via Giulia di Barolo 34; Via Napione 23
Contact: Francesca +39 349 5852895

B&B 500
Via Rossini 21 bis
Contact: Barbara +39 349 3424316

B&B Via Sant’Ottavio 17
Contact: Giorgia +39 347 1768981

B&B Via Napione 25bis
Contact: Malcolm +39 347 9114287

B&B Via Artisti 13; Via Barbaroux 20
Contact: Loredana +39 349 3801249

B&B Via Bava 26
Contact: Alessandro +39 335 5778309

B&B Corso San Maurizio 57
Contact: Lotti +39 335 5944154

Within a 20 minute walk

Town House ****
Via XX Settembre 70

Nh Santo Stefano****
via Porta Palatina 19

Hotel Amadeus E teatro***
Via Principe Amedeo 41

Albergo San Carlo***
Pzza San Carlo 197

Hotel Vecchia Dogana***
Via Corte d’appello 4

City Centre (within a 20 minute bus ride)

Golden Palace*****
Via dell’Arcivescovado 14

Star Hotel Majestic****
Corso Vittorio Emanuele  54

Gran Sitea****
Via Carlo Alberto 35

Hotel Victoria****
Via Nino Costa  4

Hotel Concord****
Via Lagrange 47

Hotel Genio Best Western ***
Corso Vittori Emanuele II 47

Hotel Piemontese Best Western***
via Berthollet 21

Hotel Genova***
Via Sacchi 14/B

Des Artistes***
Via Principe Amedeo 21

Grand Hotel Mogol***
via Guarino Guarini 2

Ibys Styles Hotel***
Via XX settembre 4

Residence Sacchi
Via Sacchi 34

Tomato Backpackers Hotel
Via Silvio Pellico 11


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Other accommodation

There are numerous B&B in Torino. See or You can also find private rooms or apartments in or