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27th Annual Conference of The International Environmetrics Society joint with GRASPA 2017 on Climate and Environment

24-26 July 2017 – Bergamo, Italy


The joint TIES-GRASPA 2017 Conference on Climate and Environment will be held at the University of Bergamo, Italy from Monday 24th July to Wednesday 26th July and it will be a satellite meeting of the 61st World Statistics Congress – ISI2017 in Marrakesh. The conference is intended to be a bridge for a future TIES conference system in odd years after ISI incorporation. On the one side, it renews a fruitful tradition of joint conferences with other scientific societies and associations. On the other side, it explores new ways to collaborate with ISI. From the scientific point of view TIES/GRASPA meeting on Climate and Environment is focused on a hot topic and has the potential to attract new statisticians and other scientists.


Statistical methods and applications for:

  • Climate change assessment and monitoring
  • Climate change monitoring of/impact on
  • Environment
  • Ecological systems
  • Atmospheric variables
  • Meteorology
  • Water bodies
  • Desertification
  • Food sustainability, availability and security
  • Human health
  • Population and migration
  • Economics and Finance
  • Atmospheric measurements, including in-situ and satellite based
  • Statistics and remote sensing
  • Spatial and spatio-temporal modelling
  • Functional, directional and complex data
  • Official statistics for Climate change


  • Beginning of October: 1st call for papers and invited sessions
  • October-January: organization of Invited sessions
  • January: 2nd call of papers
  • Stay tuned for more updates on abstract submission and registration!



Bergamo is a modern medium city with 120’000 inhabitants in North of Italy, 40km from Milan. Its historical center is over the hill (Città Alta) and is characterized by magnificent buildings in ancient Venetian style after long lasting “Lion” Republic ruling (1428-1797 AD). In addition to art and history, both Città Alta and new city offer a number of restaurants specialized in Italian cuisine and, in particular, in Bergamo cuisine.

The conference venue will be at the University of Bergamo (unibg). Unibg is a medium university with 15’000 students. Aula magna, located in Città Alta, is in the recently refurbished Sant’Agostino previous church (1290 AD). Overall, the University has three campuses in the old and new city with extensive conference hosting capabilities and easy access by public transportation.Logo_Unibg


If you have questions about the conference please send an e-mail to